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crazy week!

This week was filled with ups and downs but i'll just tell you the fun stuff :-)
Hamish Campbell the incredibly talented awesome photographer here's his blog asked me to come along and film a shoot he was working on, can't talk too much about it just yet but it included Diamonds, private jets and a surprise invitation from the RAF to go on a Hercules cargo plane! Then worked on fragile earth for Harper Collins which is a great app and i'm super excited about playing with it on my Ipad and just finished off a very exciting music video for a great band. Pics, videos and more will follow soon after I film a yacht sailing in the firth of forth lets hope the rain stays away!!!

fragile earth

Here's a video I edited for Harper Collins. It's a new app they have just released and it looks amazing!!!

Here's the video:

and this is a link to the app store:

Check it out :-)

the coe cup 2012

Heres a video i made with roger cox for the scotsman,

I was a little crazy and involved near certain death to even get to the location but had loads of fun and got to film a hero of the skiing world check it out and let me know what you think:

the 150th post :-)

This is my 150th post which is quite exciting!

I've been super busy working on lots of fun projects over the last few weeks and they will all be uploaded soon :-)

But in the meantime I wanted to just touch on a couple of things first final cut X ok so ive downloaded the preview and the update etc... and each time i open it i get as far as importing a clip before i go URGHHHHH.... and close it down. I was wondering if anyone else had the same feeling and what peoples plans were for editing in the next few years? I don't want to go back to AVID I don't like premier and i HATE final cut X, what I don't understand is why apple didn't improve on the good bits of FCP 7 and leave it at that? You don't need to reinvent the wheel! FCP X is great for people who want something more than imovie but to remove the program that is loved and used by millions of professional editors around the world just seems nuts!

Secondly back up...

Ok so last year I shot roughly 150 project…